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TOTAL SPENDING £17,589 | TOTAL REVENUE £582,367 | ROI 3211%


Online Store for Sanitation, garden equipment, and power tools


22 months
JUN 2015 - APR 2017
  • We have been involved in this project for a long time. We have struggled with the technical nonsense of the website and Google’s manual filter that the project received as a legacy from previous “specialists”. Let’s see what results we were able to achieve after resolving these problems.
  • The website traffic and revenue before the start of the campaign were deplorable. After imposing manual sanctions on Google for external links, the traffic was almost gone. Profit could not be an option.
Main goal - increase the number of sales for the store

To achieve this, we have defined a number of lower-level goals:


  • remove manual sanctions from Google         
  • to solve technical problems   
  • to refine the structure of the site     
  • optimise pages for targeted searches
  • The background ends with the implementation of an SEO audit for the site and the successful removal of manual sanctions. We were able to lay the foundation on which an optimization strategy could be built. Easy ways to get SEO traffic quickly result in filtering and penalties, so getting stable results without a solid foundation can’t be done. The next step was to refine the site structure to fully capture all the targeted searches and keywords. This is where we encountered problems implementing our recommendations with the existing CMS on the site. We had to spend a lot of time modifying the internal structure of the links and eliminate the duplicate pages. 
  • Engaging with client developers is an important point for SEO. If the communication is good and the SEO tasks have the necessary priority, then the optimization process will not be stopped by the limitations of the development. The implementation of client-side refinements requires the involvement of both parties, so a turn-key solution is not applicable here since the 
  • All unnecessary pages were removed from indexing and tried to minimize their scanning so that robots would not waste their efforts in crawling unnecessary documents.
  • script for internal links  
  • multiple refinements were implemented to optimize page load speed         
  • Optimising of meta tags for targeted searches     
  • we used link building to increase the total amount of links         
  • we have made changes to our optimization strategy for the seasonal product groups (Garden Equipment)


In July, there was a seasonal decline, so the indicators were reduced. We used this time to internally optimise the pages taking into account the seasonality. As a result, we have received a significant growth.
At the time of commencement, the average monthly SEO Spend was £800. We will take this information into account when calculating the total income.
According to customer data, 70% of orders are received by phone. We take that into consideration when we calculate the profit.
SEO is a long-term investment. You can’t expect immediate results and you should doubt any agency promising this. Therefore, it is necessary to plan for long-term cooperation in order to achieve the set goals. If you are looking for instant gratification service it’s better to consider our PPC offering or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) that combines both services.